It's a dark day in Zork ... A power-mad tyrant known as the Grand Inquisitor has launched a pogrom against magic in order to bolster his own power. The short-sighted fool... by striking out at magic, he's destroying the very fabric of the Great Underground Empire.

In Zork Grand Inquisitor you're a drifter -- an adventurer who's a little down on your luck. By many strange twists of fate - this is a Zork game, after all - you're drawn into the thick of the Inquisitor's assault on Zork: the Magic Wars. Along the way, on the advice of the disembodied voice of a Dungeon Master, you explore the legendary GUE Tech, meet up with three 'totemized' friends - Lucy Flathead, the Brogmoid "Brog" and a Griffin - and embark upon a journey to return magic to the Empire.

Once you recover three legendary icons of Zorkophilia secreted by the Inquisitor -- the Skull of Yoruk, the Cubes of Existence and the Coconut of Quendor -- success will be yours, brave adventurer! If only you can figure out how to light that darned lamp....