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About DOSBox: DOSBox is a program that emulates a DOS environment. This allows the software for Return to Zork, which was originally designed to run in DOS, to run as it was originally intended. DOSBox isn't perfect though and can have issues with some hardware/software combinations. If you have problems with performance or a lack of sound, see the DOSBox Wiki for troubleshooting information.

Note: This guide assumes your CD/DVD drive is at D:\ and that you wish to install under the C:\Games folder. Adjust instructions accordingly for your situation.

Installing/Configuring DOSBox

  1. Download DOSBox from
  2. Install DOSBox (It will likely install to C:\Program Files\DOSBox-<version>, but you can install it wherever you want)
  3. To mount your CD/DVD drive, use the command "mount D: D:\" within DOSBox or add that command to the [autoexec] section of dosbox.conf

Installing Return to Zork

  1. Create folder C:\Games\RTZ-CD
    >> Note: If you need to reconfigure your sound after the install is complete, you must repeat steps 2-12 to do so.
  2. Copy ALL files from the CD to C:\Games\RTZ-CD
  3. Run DOSBox
  4. In DOSBox, run the command "mount C: C:\Games\RTZ-CD"
  5. In DOSBox, run the command "mount D: D:\"
  6. In DOSBox, run the command "D:"
  7. In DOSBox, run the command "INSTALL.EXE"
  8. Choose "Drive C:"
  9. Choose "No" (do not install project file)
  10. Install to "\" (change from "\RTZ-CD")
  11. Choose "No" (do not launch from windows)
  12. Choose "Yes" (change settings now)
    1. Choose "Sound Blaster 16" > hit "Enter" > type "220" > hit "Enter".
    2. Choose "Sound Blaster 16" > hit "Enter" > hit "Enter".
    3. Choose "Drive C:" > hit "Enter" > hit "Enter".

Configuring DOSBox for Running Return to Zork

  1. Go into the folder where DOSBox is installed and find the file called dosbox.conf, then make a copy of it.
  2. Move this copy to C:\Games\RTZ-CD and rename it to zork.conf.
  3. Open the file you just named zork.conf with a text editor, go to the [autoexec] section and replace what is there with this (copy and paste):
    # Lines in this section will be run at startup.
    mount C C:\Games\RTZ-CD
  4. Go into the DOSBox folder, right-click on dosbox.exe and select "Send To" -> "Desktop (Create Shortcut)".
  5. Rename the shortcut to "Return to Zork".
  6. Right click on the new shortcut on the desktop and select "Properties".
  7. Change the target line to: <DOSBox directory>\dosbox.exe" -conf "C:\Games\RTZ-CD\zork.conf"
    >> Note: The first part of that line should be where your dosbox.exe is. Change it accordingly.
  8. Change the icon for the shortcut by clicking on "Change Icon" and paste "%SystemDrive%\DOSBox\RTZ-CD\RTZ.ICO" where it says "Look for icons in this file".
  9. Double click on the icon to run the game.

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Was this guide helpful? If so, please make a donation to help pay our hosting bills!