Hardcore Gaming 101: Zork Article

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Hardcore Gaming 101: Zork Article

Post by Arjak »

Hardcore gaming 101 is a site exactly as it sounds; it does in-depth reviews of the lesser known games, the non-household names. It's a great site, well worth checking out, but that's not why I'm here.

I'm here because sometime back, I wrote a article on Zork.

I've tried to write about every game in the series I could (a few of the harder to find ones were looked at by the website leader), talk a little about the history, and so on. Now, the article is, unfortunately, not on the site yet. However, it has been published in a book the site recently put out. The book is available on Amazon here:

http://www.amazon.com/Hardcoregaming101 ... 025&sr=1-1

Why yes, this IS unabashed advertising, but I will try to talk to Kurt (the owner of the site) about putting the article up on the website in the near future. Until then, this book is the only way to read it. I'm very proud of this article, and I would love for you guys to be able to read it! Fair warning: some of my opinions may be somewhat...different from the norm.

The article covers:

Zork Trilogy (I, II, III)
Enchanter Trilogy (Enchanter, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker)
Beyond Zork
Zork Zero
Return to Zork
Zork Nemesis
Zork: The Undiscovered Underground
Zork Grand Inquisitor

ZorkQuest (I, II)
Legends of Zork
Various other things
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Re: Hardcore Gaming 101: Zork Article

Post by KM3K »

I just wanted to chime in and say that I really like the sound of this. I've been considering buying this book for a while, but haven't yet. Do you know how the Kindle edition looks? I imagine it's fine since the images aren't huge and they're black and white. I have a Nook and was hoping this book would be released for it, but I'll probably end up buying the Kindle edition and converting it sooner or later. Do you know anything about non-Kindle ebook editions of this book?
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