HELP! I'm new!

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HELP! I'm new!

Post by Ariatrix »

Hello everybody! I just registered. I have a problem so I guessed it would be best to ask here.
I'd like to play Zork 1 online, but I can't seem to find a place where I can save the game after playing. Can anybody help me with this? Any help is appreciated!!!
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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post by DataAngel »

oh shoot... there was a place, it was through telnet if I remember correctly and I THINK it saved, but I do not remember...

why not play it on a floppy?
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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post by JDS »

I found it with google easily some while ago... can't remember the keywords though...
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Re: HELP! I'm new!

Post by DrPaul »

You can play Zork and 39 other games online at

You can also access the site directly via telenet at

You can save your games as long as you give it a unique filename.

The login is 'zork' and the password is
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