How do I save?

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How do I save?

Post by bobthefish »

I know this would have been said lots before but oh well.
When you type save it says: Insert save disk and enter file name.
(Default is C:SAQVE\ZORK!.DAT):

What is a save disk and what do I do?
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Re: How do I save?

Post by Fennyariel »

Since we can play these games from our hard drives now another disk isn't necessary. When you want to save just type save at the prompt and then what I usually do is I just use my first name! ;v) You'll see this when you type save:

Enter save file name:
(Default is Alison):

>_ <--------Prompt with blinking cursor

If you just hit enter at this point it'll say file already exists do you want to delete it? As craxy as it may sound you say YES! ;v) Then it'll save and tell you everything went OK! ;v)

And just to let you know a save disk is blank, for matted disk that we had you use just for saving back in the day! ;v) Thank God for HD's! ;v)
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