ZGI Lucy can't get into Ladies' Night

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ZGI Lucy can't get into Ladies' Night

Post by mysticalone »

I apologize in advance if this has been addressed but I couldn't find it anywhere. Anyway, I've been playing ZGI after following the instructions for installing the game from the original DVD disc. I could never get the DVD video to play so I turned off the MPEG in the preferences and have had very few issues with playing the game. I'm on a Windows 7 64 bit computer running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3. (But I did try all other modes when I encountered this error)

I have done everything I can do except for the Foozle of the Past time tunnel. I've gotten Lucy to arrive there without problem but when I knock on the Ladies' Night door, nothing happens. My cursor disappears and to get it back I have to hit the Alt key but cannot pan or anything and have to go to a restore point to get it to start again. I tried totally reinstalling all files from the DVD and double checked my inquis files to make sure there wasn't an error in the editing even though I downloaded the edited files from this site.

I'm assuming there must be a file that runs a script to determine that it is in fact Lucy (I did go there once as Brog and of course got nowhere but I didn't loose the cursor when I knocked.) I'm guessing that file maybe isn't pointing to the right directory? Of course I've been running the program with my original DVD in the drive just in case.

Any suggestions? I hate to get this far and not get to finish. It doesn't seem to be because of my restore points because I've gone back to several and get the same results.
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Re: ZGI Lucy can't get into Ladies' Night

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Unfortunately, I've never heard of this issue before. I haven't played through ZGI in a while, but like I mentioned in your other thread, you may want to try using ZEngine to run the DVD version of ZGI with the guide at https://github.com/Marisa-Chan/Zengine/ ... version%29 .
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