I have been able to acquire two complete drafts, and one partial draft of the Zork Nemesis Design Documents, as well as a "Briefing Book", near-final drafts of the letters/notes/etc which appear in game, and Nino Ruffini's comments on certain versions the design documents, all which have been incorperated here into parallel columns for easy comparing and harmonizing.

PART 1: The Design Rationale
PART 2: Major Game Components
PART 3: Preliminary Technical Design
PART 4: Puzzle Landscape
PART 5: The Four Sarcophagi
PART 6: Essential Elements of the Temple
PART 7: The Element Puzzle Sets
PART 8: The Nemesis Awakens
PART 9: The Zork Orrery and the Portals
[there is no part 10 in any of the drafts I have]
PART 11: Monastery
PART 12: Asylum
PART 13: Castle
PART 14: Conservatory
PART 15: Act Three