Aragain Village was a little known colony in the central Eastlands, planted in the midst of the Dark Forest. It had largely been known for the waterfall which shared its name (one of the favorite places in the Great Underground Empire for honeymooning couples to accidentally fall to their deaths). The Frobozz Magic Vault for the Aragain Village branch of the Bank of Zork was constructed in 722 GUE.

Having spent countless vacations overseas, Lord Dimwit Flathead shared the fondness of Duncanthrax for the uncharted territories of the Eastlands. Thus when he ascended to the throne in 770, he decided to move the capital of Quendor from Egreth in the Westlands to Aragain Village when the seat of government would remain until the fall of the Empire in 883. The small hamlet was replaced with the 8,600 square bloit  monstrosity known as Castle Flatheadia, which was built literally on top of the unsuspecting villagers (rumor has it that some of the crude huts and tents are still occupied in the lower basement levels of the castle). Some bitter, unappreciative chroniclers have described Dimwit’s castle at Flatheadia as his biggest folly. In a surprisingly short amount of time, that small village was transformed and renamed, quickly becoming the center of civilization at it was then known. Since the completion of Megaboz's curse on Curse Day of 883, all that sits upon its former site is a small historical White House.

SOURCE(S): various (Zork I, Zork Zero, etc)