Ellron's Abandoned Camp (10th cen.)
   Forest Path Near the White House 
   Tree Near the White House
   Tree (north of White House)
   Forest Clearing
   Forest Path (north of White House)

   Aragain Village / Flatheadia (?~883)
   Stone Barrow
   White House, The (883~present)
   Kobold (GMU)
   Spider, Giant (948)
   Squirrel (883)
   Surmin (GMU)
   Troll (948, GMU)

   Elm (883)
   Hemlock (948)
   Pine (948)

The Dark Forest, also known as the Forest of Zork, are thickly tangled woods stretching for miles in every direction, from the shores of the Flathead Ocean to its eastern boundary, which is the Flathead Mountains (along with the Foothills of Frobozz) on the north and the White Cliffs on the south. The main flow of the Frigid River spills out of the underground near the meridian of the eastern border, swings around to the west and is the forest's southern border all the way to the Flathead Ocean. The dimly-lit forest is damp and quiet, filled with murmuring pines and hemlocks, as well as undergrowth so rank in places that it is altogether impenetrable without the aid of a machette.

Once Aragain Village lay within the grasp of this forest, before Dimwit Flathead built his castle there in 770 GUE and renamed the new metropolis, Flatheadia, which quickly became the center of civilization as it was then known. In 883 GUE, when the Curse of Megaboz succeeded in destroying the Empire, Flatheadia along with the castle, were reduced to a simple White House. This White House is today one of the most famous landmarks in all of Zork. The nearby Stone Barrow is also the entrance to another portion of the ancient Great Underground Empire. There were other residents who lived within the forest, peacefully during the mid-tenth century, unless one dared to burn leaves--such a perpetrator would soon find himself put out along with the leaves.

Influenced by gremlins, a band of rebel nymphs overran the Dark Forest for a single day during the Great Monster Uprising until the Implementors routed them out the following day.

SOURCE(S): Zork I, Zork Zero, Legends of Zork