Heroes of the Great Monster Uprising
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The Great Monster Uprising is a period of unknown duration that seems to have begun almost immediately at the start of the Second Age of Magic (34 Frobuary, 1067 GUE), and certainly ended prior to the First Great Diffusion (1247 GUE), if it was not ended by the Great Diffusion itself.

Following the ushering in of the Second Age of Magic, this return of magic inspired droves of adventurers to flock to the Great Underground Empire to scourge its remnants in search of magical paraphernalia, hidden archaic treasures, and general loot. With the restrictions of the Magic Inquisition loosened, the magical creatures of the Empire, including trolls and kobolds, began to venture far from their lairs unchecked. Their breeding was more heavy and abundant than any other period in the history of Zork. The rapid and dangerous spread coincidentally prevented the adventurer population from emptying the Great Underground Empire of all its valuables. In turn, the adventurers kept the monsters in balance, by restricting them from overrunning every remaining corner of human civilization.

The Frobozz Magic Company was revitalized and hired a new staff to work its multi-conglomerate subsidiaries. The rise of adventurers ensured that, for at least a while, the company would have high earnings. But quickly the stock market collapsed, resulting in an unreasonable zorkmid inflation, which led even FrobozzCo International to fire employees throughout its revived subsidiaries. These lackluster salesmen, who were only paid redundancy in burfle chips, were reduced to donning the garb of an adventurer and joined the craze of treasure hunting, venturing into the most exotic corners of the land in search of zorkmids.

The White House and other popular regions were trampled underfoot with these hordes of treasure hungry adventures who pitched their tents all over the land. The dwindling FrobozzCo survived this financial crisis only by constructing massive shops at these locations. The proprietors of the amusement park Bozbarland set up a magical arena to take advantage of the fact that the former Great Underground Empire was crawling with heavily-armed adventurers. From certain base camps, anyone was able to challenge a fellow explorer once per day and the two would be instantly transported to a magical arena. The victors increased their general fame and the level of exaggeration that people used when describing them.

In the meantime, the Fourth Dungeon Master would have his hands full protecting the Underground from greedy trespassers, while also quelling a Granola Rebellion.

The mysterious and ancient Grand Wizard of the Underground Realm of Zork, one of the famed Implementors of lore, was a direct conduit of the underlying forces that fueled the Zorkian universe through his administration of Frobozz Co. headquarters. A benevolent if somewhat cryptic Wizard, Implementor One was famous for his kindness and goodwill toward all the adventurers in the land and his dedication to inventing new and painful “incentives” for the Programming Grues under his command deep beneath the earth in the FrobozzCo. Ethereal Server Host command center.

An ancient prophecy was fulfilled when the Great Wizard Implementor One fulfilled an ancient prophecy by disappearing from The Land of Zork following the first new moon after the closing of the Frobozz Magic Company, which further fueled the feeling that a dark shadow was creeping across the land. And the worried musings were true, for his disappearance coincided with the Great Monster Uprising of the same age.

Word had spread quickly of the disarray and chaos that were the byproduct of the shutdown of the ancient and venerable FrobozzCo. The monsters of the land soon gained knowledge of the many unskilled and vulnerable adventurers wandering through the forests looking for new customers to supplement their now non-existent income. Seeing as how these adventurers killed without hesitation the various types of monsters and fiends, the creatures started to organize and whispers of a monster summit was heard in some of the seedier and more dangerous pubs late at night in the shadows.

Thousands of the monsters that populated the dark recesses of dank caverns and spooky haunted mansions that filled the lands of the great underground realm were represented at this horrible and brutal summit of monster clans. Covenants were made and many innocent kidnapped villagers were sacrificed that dark and moonless night, all in the effort to garner the favor of the ancient and terrible gods of the monsters, the most powerful of the evil and wicked deities that most Zorkians describe as ghost stories to their young late at night. And upon that dreadful union of creatures, the land of Zork was forever changed, for the monster clans had been formed.

And the whispers grew to the mutterings of traveling merchants and beaten warriors, complaining of ambushes and monsters wielding weapons when attacking. Soon, the laments of adventures was a deafening moan in all pubs across the land—it seemed all were aware that the monsters were indeed using new strategies and training their armies, producing ranked soldiers to deal mayhem and leave destruction in their wake.

The sheer amount of former FrobozzCo employees, large as it may have been, paled in comparison to the amount of monsters that were roaming in the countrysides and looming outside the city gates, terrorizing the citizens and attacking any adventurers that wandered into their vicinity.

Official reports of the times state that "During an average day, the average adventurer will kill an average of 30 foes... [and] loot and average of 30,000 Zorkmids."

In order to have a fighting chance for survival in this brave new age, the adventurers of the Land of Zork started to band together themselves, forming clans of warriors to be able to fight back against the Great Monster Uprising. And thus, the clans were born, to train and pool resources and information amongst fellow clan members.

One of the first Clans to form was the Order of the Grand Wizard Implementor One, also known as the Guardians of the Coconut of Quendor, Fraternal Society of the Old Guard, and Protectors of the Underground Realm of Zork. They were dedicated to the teachings that heralded the return of the prophet Implementor One, and the revelation he was to deliver upon his fated arrival, ushering all into a new age of magic. The Order of the Grand Wizard Implementor One was the utmost authority in all of the clans that soon followed, whose opinion swayed the tides of the entire future of the Land of Zork.

In Implementor One’s absence, a new Implementor began to reign, a female known only as Implementor X who took upon the form of a mermaid. Soon after her arrival, she regenerated into a bearded man. This metamorphosed Implementor X was responsible for a massive unleashing of gremlins that ran unchecked through all known lands until they were properly subjugated by the massive hordes of wandering adventurers.

While this Great Monster Uprising plagued a majority of the era of the Second Age of Magic, Brog and the Fourth Dungeon Master concluded the Magic Wars, an epic confrontation between the Eastlands (the good guys) and the Westlands (the bad guys). No details save a fragmentary mention of this conflict have survived.

One of the most famous and experienced adventurers of this period is an individual known only by the alias "Detective Softly." This human inherited the staff of the Fourth Dungeon Master, thus becoming the next successor.

Heroes of the Great Monster Uprising

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