The mysterious and first ancient Grand Wizard of the Underground Realm of Zork, one of the famed Implementors of lore, was a direct conduit of the underlying forces that fueled the Zorkian universe through his administration of FrobozzCo. headquarters. A benevolent if somewhat cryptic Wizard, Implementor One was famous for his kindness and goodwill toward all the adventurers in the land and his dedication to inventing new and painful “incentives” for the Programming Grues under his command deep beneath the earth in the Frobozz Co. Ethereal Server Host command center.

Known to have been a deciding factor in many famous battles, Implementor One was a legend in the land of Zork, and his powers were thought to be limitless. He was also famous for his habit of apparently being able to appear and disappear at will, and could often be heard speaking in riddles and ancient forgotten languages. His often mysterious and enigmatic messages fueled an age of Fanucci card discovery unrivaled to this day. Rumored to have an affinity for nice alleyways and Guinness pints, curious adventurers could often see glimpses of the sage wizard at The White House bar, just outside the Dark Forest.

An ancient prophecy was fulfilled when the Great Wizard Implementor One fulfilled an ancient prophecy by disappearing from The Land of Zork following the first new moon after the closing of the Frobozz Magic Company, which further fueled the feeling that a dark shadow was creeping across the land. And the worried musings were true, for his disappearance coincided with the Great Monster Uprising of the same age.

In order to have a fighting chance for survival in this brave new age, the adventurers of the Land of Zork started to band together themselves, forming clans of warriors to be able to fight back against the Great Monster Uprising. And thus, the clans were born, to train and pool resources and information amongst fellow clan members. One of the first Clans to form was the Order of the Grand Wizard Implementor One. They were dedicated to the teachings that heralded the return of the prophet Implementor One, and the revelation he was to deliver upon his fated arrival, ushering all into a new age of magic. A quote from the handbook informed all members they were equal in the eyes of the Grand Implementor, for all were to be the witness to the Great Revelation of his Return. The members of the clan are still waiting for this event.

In Implementor One’s absence, a new Implementor began to reign as Grand Wizard, a female known only as Implementor X.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, zorkpedia)