Implementor X, who reigned as Grand Wizard during the Great Monster Uprising, is the successor of Implementor One. This female Implementor donned the form of a mermaid when roaming the surface of Zork. Soon after her arrival, she regenerated into a bearded man. This metamorphosed Implementor X was responsible for a massive unleashing of gremlins that ran unchecked through all known lands until they were properly subjugated by the massive hordes of wandering adventurers.


The male form of Implementor X, as the Grand Wizard, was thought due to his erratic personality and strange sense of humor (such as flinging fireballs, purposefully trying to scare other wizards, and agreeing to send adventurers on red herring quests) to have perhaps been senile (he himself claimed his strange behavior was due to his head being so full of arcane enigmas). Although his origami fireballs were thought to be the most superb of their kind. Some of Implementor X's favorite devices included SpeedScry and Clue-O-Matic 9000.


At some point following the defeat of the Brotherhood, wizards across the entire world gathered for a gala wizard event at the Port Foozle Casino to celebrate the opening of a pathway into some new dimension made entirely out of granola. The event was complete with all the accompanying light show, fireworks, and tuxedo-wearing ice elementals serving drinks. While most of the wizards had been out to have a good time, he was the only one who had grown to twice his size and was trying to juggle yipples. (He later tried to limbo his way through the portal into the granola dimension.) Distatefully, he had a little too much fermented dreamscape and set fire to the hall, so all the other wizards departed. Despite this state, he was able to enigmatically direct a party of adventurers (which included "Detective Softly", the Drunk, an unlucky lucksucker, and an unintimidating kobold) to find the Wizard of Ag.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, zorkpedia)