One of the first Clans to form during the Great Monster Uprising was the Order of the Grand Wizard Implementor One, also known as the Guardians of the Coconut of Quendor, Fraternal Society of the Old Guard, and Protectors of the Underground Realm of Zork. They were dedicated to the teachings that heralded the return of the prophet Implementor One, and the revelation he was to deliver upon his fated arrival, ushering all into a new age of magic.

Originally started as a small cult by a drunken savant who insisted he had communication from the Ethereal Server Host, the drunken adventurer who often wore one boot on his head and rode about on a one-eyed donkey declared himself a prophet and created the cult. Soon, as fate would have it, the greatest warriors and wizards in the land ventured to meet with the half-insane prophet, all seemed to be driven by the whisperings of a “far away voice” which led them to the drunken prophet, and thus the High Council was established.

The Order of the Grand Wizard Implementor One was the utmost authority in all of the clans that soon followed, whose opinion swayed the tides of the entire future of the Land of Zork. A quote from the handbook informed all members they were equal in the eyes of the Grand Implementor, for all were to be the witness to the Great Revelation of his Return. Even to this day, the members of the clan are still waiting for this event.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, zorkpedia)