Bozbarland was a magical futuristic fantasy amusement park, oft referred to as the entertainment capital of the Great Underground Empire. The lower classes usually called it simply "Zorky Park". Located next door to Bozbarbo Village at the western end of the Great Underground Highway #2, Bozbarland was open all year around. The admission price from 873~957 GUE was only 1 zorkmid, with a choice of over 200 different rides, games and exhibits, including: Soakem' Flume, Rollar Coaster with Pinwheels, gourmet snack bars, and much much more for the whole family. Bozbarland was run by gnomes dressed in flashy attire, who only permitted paying customers to pass through the park's invisible barrier; and by amusement park as well as casino nymphs. Neighboring sights include the ancient Egreth Castle as well as the Glass Maze. Bozbarland offerred great off-season discounts.

Sometime bewteen 945~949, J. Lemmo headlined with his act - "Curse of the Forbidden Lands" - at the Bozbarland and Port Foozle Casinos.

As of 957 GUE, Bozbarland was no more than a run-down amusement park, no longer gaudy with lights and glitter.

IMAGE: two rotating rides

The square bloit midway was filled with garish lights and honky-tonk music contained games of chance and skill, such as "Throwing-Balls-at-Cans", "Throwing-Hoops-Over-stalagmites", or "Dodging-the-Creature-That's-Trying-To-Disembowel-You", as well as as well as refreshment stands that sold cotton candy, dragon burgers and fried glurz.

The arcade is a huge tent filled with hectic noise, blinking lights, the smell of frying food, and game booths lined with prizes including magic scrolls. One such game involved bashing cute little mechanical bunnies with a rubber ball as they hop around a little artificial meadow. The only known method to win this rigged game, as ones like it, was to use magical cheats, such as consuming a FOOBLE potion (increase muscular coordination). Another was a game to pierce balloons with darts.

Constructed by the Frobozz Magic Flume Company, this splash-filled log boat ride was the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. The advertizements claimed that after riding this fast-moving flume that "You'll never trust a water vehcile again!"

As one enters the log boat, it lurches away from the platform and is carried swiftly away by the current of the flume. The beginning of the flume is wide and straight as an arrow, providing quite a relaxing ride, until entering a stretch of sharp, winding curves enough to spray dashes in the passenger's faces as they are tossed about the log boat. The twists and turns are left behind to wind through the dark tunnels of G.U.E. Coal Mine #502, whose walls are black as coal. After emerging from the tunnel, the log boat passes through a series of rapids, shooting straight toward jagged rocks and then veering away at the last moment. Once past, the flume magically flows uphill until reaching the crest of the final drop. The log boat plunges down into the swirling waters at the base of the slope, spraying huge splashes of water in every direction, yet keeping the passengers dry as they float serenly around a final turn and pull up to the boarding platform.

Constructed by the Frobozz Magic Roller Coaster Company, this huge Bozbarland roller coaster sprawled above and around the park in all directions. Riders were told to "hold onto your glorbs!" Magic and engineering combined to create the most thrilling roller coaster experience imaginable, promising that its passengers would travel faster than they had ever travelled before.

As one enters the car, it rolls away from the platform in a gentle curve. Propelled by some unseen force, it rolls up a huge incline as the crest grows tantalizingly close. At the crest, the entire park can be seen laid out like a map (the lights of the midway, the booths of the arcade, the sparkling blue ribbon of water that is the flume, and even beyond the bounds of the park, a wide crater). The car begins diving, seemingly straight downward, but at the last moment, it sings upward to zig through a series of wild turns and sharp drops. The next section of the track is shaped like a corkscrew. Then the car shoots into a rapid climb, which gets progressively slow and steeper as the track begins to swing back to enter into a giant loop. At the highest point of the loop, passengers hang completely upside-down for a brief moment before being hurtled down the far side of the loop with breakneck speed. The roller coaster speeds out of the loop and into a tunnel which runs through the middle of the haunted house which wispy ghosts and ghoulish skeletons brush past. As the car zooms out of the haunted house, it glides to a stop.

The Bozbarland haunted house is the only authentic haunted house with imported ghost, goblins, spooks, spirits and apparitions from all over the Kingdom. It was reputed that one who entered the haunted house would never forget their walk through, if they managed to get out alive. Something unexplainable in the house seemed to soak up all the light, so that even with a BLORT potion, the place was quite dark. Surviving visitors told of cold breathes on their shoulders, slimy things brushing across their faces and slithering across their feet, strange shivers in their chests as though something passed through their body; coupled with creaking doors, rattling chains, deep-throated chuckles, and piercing screams.

Run by casino nymphs, the Bozbarland Casino has been reported to have every single game of chance available in the entire Empire, including roulette, double fanucci, burfle, and blackjack. Jackpots were as high as one million zorkmids (it has been said that those who have won this jackpot did not live to claim the prize, as they were buried to death by an unbelievable torrent of zorkmids coins that poured out of the machine--far more than the machine could possibly contain)

The proprietors of the amusement Bozbarland set up a magical arena during the Great Monster Uprising to take advantage of the fact that in those days the former Great Underground Empire was crawling with heavily-armed adventurers. Anyone was able to challenge a fellow explorer once per day and the two would be instantly transported to a magical arena. The challenger even had a chance to earn a few zorkmids with a wager on the side. Arena combat could be tough but all wounds were magically healed at the end of the battle and both combatants were whisked back to where they had originally come from. This process rarely went awry, but some claimed that the unfortunate Feziboz was transported back from a battle right into the stomach of the dragon he had previously been fighting. It was upgraded after the fact and subsequentally much safer.

Those who won against other adventurers received double the zorkmids that they wagered. The combat experience was worth it, but much less than when fighting against monsters in the field. But the most important thing was the increase of fame. Each win came with a certain amount of fame, but fame could also be lost when other adventurers challenged and won. Throughout the course of the Great Monster Uprising, adventurers would continuously battle.

Entrances to this magical arena are recorded to have once been in the following regions: The White House, Port Foozle, Frostham, Antharia, Borphee, Gurth, Mizniaport, Grubbo-by-the-Sea, G.U.E. Tech, Mithicus, Bozbarbo Village, Galepath, and Castle Irondune.

Throughout the course of the Great Monster Uprising, Bozbarland also held the weekly Magnificent Bozbarland Zorkmid Lottery, the best and only lottery in the land during that era.


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