Mizniaport is the capital and largest city of Miznia Province. Near the Miznia Jungle and the Great Sea, the city is noted for its swank fashion boutiques, the famous Miznia Jungle Skyway tourist route, unicorn shows and stables (some of these stables were destroyed in 966 GUE), and its maze-themed amusement park (built during the dawn of the Second Age of Magic). The massive seaport lining the bay, makes up Mizniaport's southern end, always spouting a forest of masts. Beyond the bluffs, the Miznia Marshlands divide Mizniaport from Grubbo-by-the-Sea to the northeast. Mizniaport is a magnet for the wealthy yuppies of Borphee, who browse the colorful shops in search of next year's fashions.

A weapon boutique during the Second Age of Magic which was run by a pristinely kept salesman, sold a helm which was reputed to give almost complete immunity against fire damage and ranged, pointy weapons, as well as a chainmail shirt, marketed to be the latest defense in anti-slashing and piercing protection along with a silk inlay for exquisite comfort. The annual Mizniaport Scavenger Hunt, hosted by the propriator, began during this period.

During the Great Monster Uprising, aa portal was installed enabling adventurers to be teleported from Mizniaport to the Bozbarland arena. It was for this very reason that Bozbik the Face Breaker became one of the most famous local arena fighters, and inspired him to construct his very own Museum of Face Breaking within the city.

The Monstrous Maze of Mizniaport has been known to include a maize maze every once in a while (often making a maze that can trump the size of nearly any other locally produced one)