The Maize Maze, a variant on the hedge maze, is a phenomenon which hits almost any area where large fields of tall grains (such as corn) can be quickly harvested in precise fashions. Farmers will often turn their corn (or "maize") fields into mazes for fun (and possibly even for some extra profit on the side), occasionally offering prizes to anyone who solves it in a fast enough amount of time. Most of the time, however, these attractions are just presented "as is" with no cost for entering or prize for escaping. Although many are not void of a customized souvenir shop, selling various knick-knacks such as "I survived the Maize Maze" t-shirts and overpriced photographs.

Some of the most impressive maize mazes can be seen in the Fields of Frotzen, although the Monstrous Maze of Mizniaport has been known to include a maize maze every once in a while (often making a maze that can trump the size of nearly any other locally produced one). A certain farmer in the Fields of Frotzen attempted to make his maze a little trickier every year.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, personal correspondence with author of "Enter the Face Breaker" quest)