Gurth City is the capital of Gurth Province. Nestled in between mountains, the Forest of Youth, and the Fields of Frotzen, Gurth City is not much of a town, mostly an industrial center for the Big Three farm wagon manufacturers: Board, General Toters, and Priceler, which have packed the region with assembly lines, rude bosses, and six-month layoffs.

Apart from the abundance of decrepit factories and buildings, the crowded city is also noted for its massive markets, where one can find anything from spell scrolls to fish cakes stuffed with morgia root. Complete with busy thoroughfare, auction houses crammed with stalls, it has been recommended to keep to the north end of the notorious market district, as the local residents consider it the safer side (the shop windows were mostly unbroken and the cobblestones did not stick to traveller's shoes).

As the quaint residential district of Gurth expanded, it was neccessary to convert a portion of the commerical grain silos into economy cottages, which to this day have been used almost exclusively for commuting students.

Research has shown that the best lodging is at the King Zilbo Hotel located in Midtown Gurth. Also of interest is a local branch of Ye Olde Magick Shoppe at the north end of the market, which lends an air of ersatz charm to the otherwise drab streets. This magic shop carried, at one time, one of the few remaining relics from the city of Phee, the Hourglass of Phee, which is known to give control over time itself by manipulating it in the proper location in Phee. Other establishments include Carter's Extraordinary Livery and Overalls Emporium and Int'l Curios, Inc on Volcano View Lane.

Gurth City is the site of the Gurth City Crafts Fair, held every weekend during the spring.

The Gurthian Guardsmen are reputed to be famously skilled soldiers.

To the southwest of Guth City lies the Gurth Woodland Trail, and the northern road, after leading away from the city limits, meanders across hills towards the southernmost edge of the vast Forest of Youth.

During the Great Monster Uprising, one of the many portals leading to the Bozbarland arena was installed within the city.