IMAGE: Rebel Nymphs
          IMAGE: Rebel Nymphs (with candy)

Nymphs are tiny, friendly, magical beings, known for their exuberance, fondness for practical jokes, and willingness to perform small tasks. They are no more than three inches tall with miniature wings that beat furiously. Nymphs have the ability to teleport when summoned by spells or legally binding enchantments, appearing with a little puff of smoke to complete their duties, then quickly vanishing, usually with a friendly wink (or with a gentle kick or wagging finger if summoned for a rebuke)

Originally known by their fondness for a particular environment (mountain nymph, wood nymph, etc), these small spritelike creatures have since been domesticated and are now employed for all various sorts of labor throughout the Great Underground Empire. Many different types of nymphs exist: guard nymphs employed at Bozbarland, warning nymphs employed by certain Enchanters' Guilds, serving nymphs, and even dancing nymphs (see below for a complete listing). Nymph labor is so valuable that nymph referral services, such as the venerable Nymph-O-Mania and the Frobozz Magic Nymph Bureau, have been created to assist short-handed employers.

In recent years, large parties of Rebel Nymphs, or Gang Nymphs have surfaced. These fairy folk do not help plants grow or save forest animals. They are a band of disorderly pests who use their magical abilities to rough others up for their shiny stuff.

Nymphs are members of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association. Like most races of this organization, nymphs were virtually purged from all civilized regions during the days of the Second Inquisition (in the first half of the eleventh century).

During the Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic, rebel nymphs were reported in the following regions: The Casino in Port FoozleFlathead FjordGranola Mines, Peltoid ValleyThe Coast Road in Greater Borphee, PheeborFields of Frotzen, Forest of Youth, Gurth Woodland Trial, Discipline Beach, Grubbo Hills, Kovalli Desert, Mithicus Mountains, Egreth CastleBozbarlandLargoneth CastleThe Southern Wastes, and the G.U.E. Tech Training Grounds in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii.

Amusement park nymphs are employed to relay messages to passagers on attractions, such as warnings not to leave a rollar coaster car or flume log boat during the course of the ride.

Casino nymphs are required to attend to various needs around the casino, such as cleaning up discarded zorkmid coins before another can claim it.

Dancing nymphs, usually wearing minimal cover, are employed for the entertainment industry

Financial nymphs are commonly used to distribute messsages related to the usage or exchange of zorkmids.

Guard nymphs, similiar to a warning nymph, are employed as guardians over objects, buildings, or even individuals.

Library nymphs are hired for announcing library rules to those on the brink of disobeying them. Such are frequently used by owners of the Encyclopedia Frobozzica, to prevent that they are never to be removed.

Maid nymphs are able to preform every sort of housekeeping task imaginable.

Marketing nymphs are useful to point out relationships between the current environment and the packaging products endowed to adventurers. For example, instead of wasting limited memory space in early text adventurers by describing an object, the marketing nymph would simply direct the adventurer to look at the drawing provided with the game package.

Messenger nymphs, who are almost all employed by the Frobozz Magic Messenger Nymph Bureau, are summoned to deliver a message to anotehr individual, usually at a long-distance. The value-messenger nymphs are not allowed to send messages exceeding ten words.

Safety nymphs are prone to appear in instances where an adventurer is using a weapon inappropriately (such as cutting down bushes) and needs to be reminded that he might hurt himself by using it in such a manner.

Similar to a maid nymph, serving nymphs clean homes, but are additionally employed at the serving of other home needs in addition to maid services.

Technical nymphs are frequently used to help adventurers by telling them which objects or actions are not needed to complete a specific quest.

Vial nymphs have been employed mainly to instruct careless enchanters that what they are attempting may destroy the delicate magic properties of potion vials, such as pouring water into the potion.

Warning nymphs are a speciality nymph specifically designed to alert adventurers to what may not be obvious. For example, the Guild Hall in Accardi required that at least one Enchanter be present at all times, thus these nymphs would inform the last enchanter to leave that could not. Additionally, the same Guild also employed them to restrict those to enter the Guild if in the rare case that no Enchanter was present. Other small tasks may also be required, such as warning the careless not to sit on wet tables, etc.