Boot, Giant (GMU)
   Brogmoid (GMU)
   Dwarf (GMU)
   Hangman (GMU)
   Kobold (GMU)
   Nymph (GMU)

Peltoid Valley, once mostly of cultivated fields and meadows, was populated by many small settlements, such as the tiny village of Djabuti Padjama. It is also the the site of the huge gaping marble mines in Antharia.

By the eleventh century, the mining of marble had left the landscape scarred and pitted, spangled with an abudance of empty mining sites strewn with their abandoned picks and chisels. The polishing guilds were gone, the barren lands instead being populated by vast hordes of monsters. The abandoned valley permitted the dwarves to mine and polish their own marble without the interference of the avaricious guilds. Those who desired to mine what the guilds had forgotten were required to hire the dwarves. There were a few around, but they did not use fixed addresses and were called (much to their distaste) "renegade miners." The dwarves bitterly found this defamation to be terrible for business, as many refused to buy from a "renegade."

The marble blocks for the royal puzzle in the Royal Zork Museum were taken from the Peltoid Valley marble mines during its construction in 776 GUE.