a brogmoid
   a deranged brogmoid

   Brogmoidus C. Graphicus:
       Brogmoidus Domesticus:
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The brogmoid is a squat, hairy, troll-type creature that is absolutely every bit as strong as he is stupid, with a life of expectancy surpassing 200 years. In exceedingly rare cases, these schizophrenic creatures can achieve the intelligence level of a clever three-year-old human. Domesticated brogmoids are obediently tame and can even be taught to perform simple tasks. In the wild, they can be seen in huge packs sorting through rock piles looking for edible rocks (although in the regions far north of Frobozz, they mostly keep to themselves). Given that the digestive system of a brogmoid is no stronger than that of a man, there are approximately no varieties of rocks which they are able to digest. They love to pick up rocks, smash rocks, throw rocks, and of course, eat rocks. Their favorite color is rocks. Their favorite game is rocks. Their best friends are rocks. From these facts it is not difficult to see why brogmoids live considerably longer in captivity.

The brogmoid is notoriously bad at arthematic. But what it lacks in intelligence, it makes up for in stupidity. To be fair, however, there is a kind of bravery born only of extreme stupidity--and this thick fearlessness, along with a supernatural strength and a loyal nature, makes the brogmoid the perfect companion in the Underground--provided it is pointed in the right direction.

Brogmoids possess an unsurpassable strength, and an insuppressible temper to match it. The short, stout hotheads have been known to flatten men twice their size, over a chance comment misinterpreted as an insult to their honor. When their extreme stupidity was at its dullest, even the slightest “Excuse me” could result in a breathtaking squeeze from an obliging brogmoid. But with such thick wits come brave hearts; and indeed, those who know nothing, fear nothing. They have been known to be good imitators; the domesticated ones easily able to feign any emotion their master wishes.

Deep Magic is the magic of the underground warrior, and much of it is understood instinctively by fighting races, including the brogmoid. Though they knew little of spells, and less of everything else, brogmoids have all the characteristics of the creatures born into the Deep Magic of the Underground, and it would come naturally. A creature like a brogmoid would never be able to explain why it is he was able to know or do something, but he will know to do it, all the same.

Brogmoids are used many times as mascots, especially within Borphee, where they are dressed up in the team's colors with an icon or catch-phrase printed across the breast. Some famous brogmoids include, Burble (mid-seventh century), Cubby (mid-tenth century), and Brog.

While these humanoids are usually peaceful, they can occasionally become irrational and vicious. Packs of these deranged brogmoids infested the lands during the Great Monster Uprising.

While the brogmoid is a great hulking creature, it only gives the impression of being great or hulking. It is both, but neither, for though it is squat and powerful, it is only about four feet tall. The span of its shoulders, however, nearly equals that, and its thickly muscled arms, reach nearly to the knees of its very short legs. Two fangs curl from its lower jaw over its upper lip on its heavily jowled head, which add an impression of toughness. Because of the fangs, brogmoids are not able to drink from a mug like a human. They had to distend their lower jaws and open their mouths wide.

The common domesticated brogmoid, the green-skinned variety, is a short, squat, often hairy creature with a mohawk strip of hair (usually purple). The common infotater describes this variety as being red and purple and red and black and purple.

Apart from being gray-skinned, this variety is no different from the green-skinned.

BLUE-SKINNED VARIETY (Brogmoidus C. Graphicus)
Though brogmoids are generally short, hairy fellows, the rarer Brogmoidus C. Graphicus, or blue-skinned variety, is most often hairless. The hairless variety is known as Brogmoidus Domesticus.

It is known that the a giant brogmoid holds up Zork, while a second stands upon Zork and holds up the Murz. (See the respective entry for more information.)

During the Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic, deranged brogmoids were reported in the following regions: Frigid River ValleyWhite Cliffs Beach, Flathead Mountains, The Gray Mountains, Antharian Caves, Peltoid Valley, Mines of Mendon, Grubbo Hills, Mithicus MountainsThe Lonely MountainThe Southern Wastes, and the G.U.E. Tech Training Grounds in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii.


Only one repetitive line survives of this unknown song which mentions the brogmoid.
    What do you do with a drunken brogmoid,
    What do you do with a drunken brogmoid.