Sandy Beach on the opposite shore
   Sandy Cave on the opposite shore

   Cliffhouse, The


   Bedbug, Giant (GMU)
   Brogmoid (GMU)
   Cyclops (GMU)
   Kobold (GMU)
   Ogre (GMU)
   Pterodactyl (GMU)
   Rat-ant (GMU)
   Skeleton (GMU)
   Slug, Giant (GMU)
   Surmin (GMU)
   Troll (GMU)


The underground White Cliffs Beach is a rocky, narrow strip of beach which runs along the base of the White Cliffs. Lying on the western shore of the Frigid River between Flood Control Dam #3 and Aragain falls, the pristine sands are divided into a north and south stretch, linked only by a narrow path. A tight passage leads west into the cliffs themselves, tunneling into the upper level of the Dungeon of Zork. Several sandy caverns are located on the opposite shore.

The White Cliffs Beach is 1 bloit south (GUH-95), 4 bloits east (GUH-90) of Flatheadia, and 13 bloits east of Port Foozle.

Before the fall of the Great Underground Empire in 883 GUE, this once scenic area was home to a tourist motel called the Cliffhouse, but was later deserted. The Second Age of Magic saw the rebirth of this region, as hordes of surfers flocked to the beaches to ride its mammoth waves. This prompted salesmen to populate the beaches with stalls to sell yoghurt, amongst other things such as Antharia Jack costumes.

During the Gremlin Infestation of the Great Monster Uprising, snow wights, Christmas tree monsters, and abominable snowmen were able to tread the White Cliffs Beach without melting. For a single day, they preyed upon all of the other monsters of the region until they were detained by the Implementors.