Flathead Mountains, near base

   Enchanters' Retreat
   Mount Foobia
   Royal Zork Museum
   Zorbel Pass

   Abominable Snowman (GMU)
   Apeman (GMU)
   Bat, Giant (GMU)
   Brogmoid (GMU)
   Cyclops (GMU)
   Frost Giant (10th cen)
   Hellhound (GMU)
   Horror (GMU)
   Jackanape (GMU)
   Kobold (GMU)
   Ogre (966, GMU)
   Roc (966, GMU)
   Seven-Headed Snow Monster of Snurth (10th cen)
   Skeleton (GMU)
   Snow Scorpion (10th cen)
   Spider, Giant (GMU)
   Troll (GMU)


Known as the inaccessible backwater of the Great Underground Empire, the Flathead Mountains in the Eastlands are so tall that its peaks are lost among the clouds. Many paths up the mountain are snow-packed, cold, and impassable. The desolate upper summits are covered with heavy snow, trackless glaciers, and spangled with dangerous crevasses everywhere under the deceptive blankets of snow. This towering range runs north to south, with a western spur to form the northeastern border of the Frigid River Valley.

Beyond the mountains, the Fenshire Swamp is said to extend to the edge of the world. Near the southern end of the range where it runs approximately northeast to southwest, the Zorbel Pass permits passage to the Fublio Valley. The northern range is divided from the Gray Mountains by the Flathead Fjord. Mount Foobia, one of the highest mountains in all of Zork, is where one foot of the Great Brogmoid which holds up the world stands.

True to its name, the slopes of these mountains have been carved in the likeness of the heads of many Flatheads. These sculptures are so huge that they can be seen for bloits away, and even the gaping mouths are mammoth cave entrances into the Great Underground Empire. There is at least one underground route that travels below the mountains from the Aragain Province (western side) to the borders of Fenshire on the east.

If mountain climbing turns you on, the Flathead Mountains offer one of the best challenges anywhere, but be warned of the nesting grounds of the abundant roc population. The legendary Seven-Headed Snow Monster of Snurth once roamed the jagged snow-topped peaks, but was later defeated by an unknown adventurer. Among the most dangerous creatures are the frost giants and snow scorpions.

Many retired enchanters gathered on the Enchanters' Retreat, an old stone structure perched high and isolated on a rocky outcrop.

The Frobozz Magic Scroll Company bought their vellum from a small otherwise unknown village in the Flathead Mountains where they really knew they sheep. Before the collapse of the First Age of Magic, they were the exclusive supplier for generations because their vellum was the smoothest and whitest the company had ever encountered.

The unexplained theft of Dimwit Flathead's royal ring in 776 GUE during the final stages of construction of the Royal Museum led to a greater eccentric excessiveness on his part, forcing him to place the remaining jewels in a hidden vault buried seven miles under the Flathead Mountains, accessible only by a chain of sixty-three secret teleportation spells.