The Enchanters' Retreat is an old stone structure perched high in the Flathead Mountains on a rocky outcrop. For generations, retired (or even burnt-out) enchanters have gone there to let their beard down, breathe the clean mountain air, watch the stars, and rest from their exertions. The appointments are simple, the fare is unsophisticated, and those there are always content. Those who have had their rests disturbed have been aroused with incredible grouchiness.

After the defeat of Jeearr in 957 GUE, the famous mage Belboz himself sought refuge in the Retreat.

During the Great Monster Uprising, wizards were reported playing ping-pong with fireballs, listening to whale song sung by live whales, visiting the succubus massage parlor, or just snoozing, stretched out on hammocks made from rainbows.

SOURCE(S): Spellbreaker, Legends of Zork