Apeman (GMU)
   Brogmoid (GMU)
   Christmas Tree Monster (966)
   Corbie, Giant (GMU)
   Cyclops (GMU)
   Dryads (GMU)
   Hellhound (GMU)
   Hungus, Rabid (GMU)
   Jackanape (GMU)
   Lucksucker (GMU)
   Minx (966)
   Nymph (GMU)
   Ogre (GMU)
   Playtpus (966)
   Pterodactyl (GMU)
   Quelbees (GMU)
   Reaper Squirrel (GMU)
   Roc (GMU)
   Snow Wight (966)
   Troll (GMU)
   Yellow Grotch, Mutant (GMU)
   Yipple, Rabid (GMU)
The Mithicus Mountains, stretching north-south from beyond the utmost edge of the Mithicus Province pass the outskirts of northern Frobozz, divide ancient Quendor from Kovalli and is the most-likely spot of Mount Matter-Horn. This snow-capped range was originally known as the Gray Mountains. When Pseudo-Duncanthrax conquered the Eastlands in the mid-seventh century GUE, the Coconut Theory still abounded, prompting him to believe that the newfound range on the opposite side of the Great Sea was one and the same. Thus the Eastlands mountain range became known as the Gray Mountains. When time proved this theory wrong, the Westland Gray Mountains were renamed the Mithicus Mountains, as most of the mountainous province is dominated by the high peaks.

The tiny hamlet of Er is nestled comfortably at the base of the mountains on their western side, richly-endowed with animal farms

Since the the time of Platypus Transformation (circa 800 BE), when the majority of the citizens of Mithicus altered into a breed of intelligent platypi, the mountains have been home to a thriving settlement of platypi who have fashioned a wonderful castle within.

The underground caverns beneath the Mithicus Mountains are rumored to contain treasure of legendary proportions and a high concentration of the grueish population. In 966 GUE, an ur-grue whom had made his lair amongst these sunless cavities, horded the Coconut of Quendor for a day before it was claimed by an unknown peasant.