a corbie with a caught yellow grotch
   flight of corbies
   corbie cashing caravan (as seen through pool)
   corbie in flight
   corbie carrying Frobwit
   corbie carrying Frobwit (as seen through pool)
   corbie carrying Frobwit who transforms
   corbie flying past the Temple of Agrippa


Giant corbies are carrion birds with sharp eye-sight and sharper beaks which live primarily in the Southlands (they rarely, if ever, venture much further north of the Borphee River). Their color vision is so well developed, they can spot a yellow grotch in a hayfield from 200 bloits, away (these are the favorite prey of giant corbies). Corbies prefer the taste of dead, rotting flesh, but have been known to feast on live, running adventurers. However, it is now known that corbies are intensely afraid of certain colors. Anybody garbed in the appropriate color will be safe from the threat that is present in places such as the Fields of Frotzen, where packs of corbies are always seen circling low in the skies, in tight, menacing circles. Some groupings of these birds are known to be so thick as to block passages as though they were a massive wall. The Queen Corbie is the most dangerous of the flight.

Corbies originally populated the Southlands of Quendor and never ventured into the Northlands and were foreign to the Eastlands entirely. But due to the vast spread of the monster population during Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic, corbies were reported in the following regions: The Abandoned Casino of Port Foozle, Mirror Lake, Fields of Frotzen, Jungles of Miznia, Kovalli Desert, Mithicus Mountains, Bozbarland, The Lonely Mountain (including the nearby Lingolf Estate), and the G.U.E. Tech Training Grounds in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii.


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