Abominable Snowman (GMU)
   Christmas Tree Monster (GMU)
   Corbie, Giant (GMU)
   Crocodile, Giant (GMU)
   Cyclops (GMU)
   Dust Bunny (GMU)
   Eldritch Vapor (GMU)
   Frobgoblin (GMU)
   Horror (GMU)
   Lucksucker (GMU)
   Muscusoid (GMU)
   Pterodactyl (GMU)
   Reaper Squirrel (GMU)
   Skeleton (GMU)
   Slug, Giant (GMU)
   Snow Wight (GMU)
   Surmin (GMU)
   Yellow Grotch, Mutant (GMU)
   Yipple, Rabid (GMU)
Mirror Lake is a legendary spot in the Gray Mountains that few have visited since the fall of the Empire. While not all aspects of this frictionless frozen "lake" are fully known, it is believed that the lake has certain powers, not the least of which is its ability to reveal the true magical nature of certain objects.

Frank Lloyd Flathead's handsomely designed vacation ski chalet was located nearby, somewhere to the west of the lake.

SOURCE(S): Zork Zero, Legends of Zork