IMAGE01: Eldritch vapors in a cemetary


Eldritch vapors are nocturnal ghosts most often found dwelling in cemeteries, moors, and other locales where fog will hide their evershifting forms, where they will watch all trespassers into their domain with translucent curiosity until their victim has delved too far inside. Though generally harmless, the gleeful and mischievous spirits annoy passersby with supernatural tricks and enjoy nothing more than snatching away the possessions of those foolish enough to wander into their realm. Visitors without possessions are themselves snatched away.

These spirits may be detected by noticing luminous ribbons of mist darting about abnormally and the air filling with sinister voices. They are not dangerous until they suddenly condense into a cloud of vapors. Circling like sharks, they stroke their prey's face with ghostly fingers and emit dreadful secrets, obscene sercrets, insane gigglings, and incessant utterances, such as: "Nyeah, nyeah!", "Boo!", "Woo-woo-woo!", "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!", and "Cootchy-cootchy-coo!"  

The touch of the eldritch vapor is cold, like frozen ooze sliding along the skin, even creeping between clothing and caressing the entire body. Those who do not flee, attempting to resist these spirits, find themselves being tickled in sensitve places, being poked where they ought not to be poked, and having their naughty bits infiltrated. And those who do not immediately escape their clutches, find their legs grasped and eyes covered with luminous hands, to be snatched away into the night. The eldritch vapor is only disappointed and anguished when an adventurer escapes their misty clutches.

There are few well known defences against these vapors other than awareness of their existence, a quick set of wits and a large fan.

Prior to the Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic, the only two areas known to be frequented by eldritch vapors were the Festeron Cemetery and the marsh between Grubbo-by-the-Sea and Mizniaport.

Throughout the Uprising, these ghosts were reported in the following regions: Fenshire, Flathead Fjord, The Gray Mountains (including Mirror Lake), Mines of Mendon, The Coast Road in Greater BorpheePheebor, Forest of Youth, Miznia Marshlands, Miznia Jungle, The Lost Castle of Y'Syska, Discipline Beach, Kovalli Desert, Egreth Castle, The Glass Maze, The Southern Wastes, and the G.U.E. Tech Training Grounds in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii.

See Eldritch VapoRub for information about this product made from these creatures.

SOURCE(S): Wishbringer, Beyond Zork, Legends of Zork