Fjord Site B

   Apeman (GMU)
   Bat, Giant (GMU)
   Cyclops (GMU)
   Dornbeast (GMU)
   Eldritch Vapor (GMU)
   Hellhound (GMU)
   Horror (GMU)
   Lucksucker (GMU)
   Muscusoid (GMU)
   Nymph (GMU)
   Ogre (GMU)
   Pterodactyl (GMU)
   Roc (GMU)
   Slug, Giant (GMU)


The beautiful Flathead Fjord is an ocean inlet which divides the great mountains of the Eastlands into two ranges: the Gray Mountains, on the north side of the fjord, and the Flathead Mountains, south of the fjord. The Fjord is speckled with many caves and iron mines, which may be evidence of the lost Eastern Empire. The deep underground caverns to the north of the Fjord are ripe with subterraneous hotsprings, where many go to in an attempt to nurse their unhealthy bodies back to life (the most famous of these being Idwit Oogle Flathead). Many days cover the ocean with dense fog which rolls up the fjord. The melting glaciers of the Gray Mountains flowing down from the peaks and into the fjord, making it some of the purest water in the known lands. This fresh water made the Flathead Fjord one of the temporary sites of the Naive(tr) Water Corporation during the Second Age of Magic.

Leonardo Flathead love to paint near the Fjord in his later years, and it is here that he worked on his famous incomplete work, "Obstructed View of Fjord."

Sometime before the fall of the Great Underground Empire, the Jewel of Jerrimore became lost for many years in an iron mine on the southern side of the Flathead Fjord at a point archaeologists refer to as "Fjord Site B." The entrance to the iron mine is marked by a warning of inevitable death to anyone who takes the Jewel. In the year 883 the daring adventurer who would become the First Dungeon Master, entered the iron mine to take the sapphire, using it as part of a complex plot that would eventually result in the fall of the Empire.

An area nearby the iron mine also has been known as the location of an enchanted cave where Zilbeetha's heartbroken groom sought help from a wizard to restore his beloved who had been turned into a crystal orb the very day she was to be wed. This good wizard turned the groom into stone, that he might stay young until the day Zilbeetha was returned to him. In 883, the First Dungeon Master additionally returned Zilbeetha's orb to the stoned groom, thus reuniting the couple.

The Eastern Empire once spanned the Eastlands from Fenshire to the Flathead Fjord until its destruction, circa 1000 BE.

After the collapse of the Great Underground Empire in 883 GUE, the newly formed Aragain Province was invaded by wave upon wave of barbarian invaders. Natives from the more unsettled regions of the Flathead Fjord and those from the fringes of Fenshire, poured over the hills and laid waste to the last Quendoran outposts. Only the emergence of Syovar at the head of the last royal armies was able to preserve the Aragain region. He gathered the surviving remnants of the imperial army and plunged them into a never-ending war between the barbarian invaders.

Shortly before, or at the start of the Great Monster Uprising, the Naive(tr) Water Corporation moved from the Aragain Falls to the Flathead Fjord, as the company's executive board felt that purer water came from a mountain valley filled with melted glacier snow. This facility was quickly abandoned after everyone got sick from the cold.

Due to a gremlin infestation during the Great Monster Uprising, this territory was overrun for a single day by invasives species: dragons, quelbees, corbies, giant toads and giant crocodiles were predators to several others species, rendering them extinct until they could be replaced by the Implementors the following day: apemen, cyclops, dornbeasts, hellhounds, horrors, mucusoids, giant slugs, ogres, nymphs.