Grubbo-by-the-Sea is a small village nestled beside a quiet cove on the coast of the Westlands, near Gurth, Mithicus and Miznia provinces. Its streets are dotted with shanties bleached by years of sun and salt, and the piers of its wharves are ringed by oily seawater. The Broken Lantern, noted for its fine parrot stew, and the Rusty Lantern are two pubs in the village. Grubbo is essentially a decrepit village, inhabited by bandits and swarming with rat-ants, discipline crabs, and guttersnipes from the nearby swamplands. The run-down wreck has become increasingly popular with carousing sailors and disreputable adventurers.

To the west, the Grubbo Hills stretch out to join with the gray landscape of the Fields of Frotzen. To the south the hazardous Miznia Marshland divides Grubbo from Mizniaport. The small, and dangerous, Crab Island lies off the coast. The Discipline Beach stretches to the north of the village, to be joined to the Tidal Flats.

Also to the north, an ancient four-storied lighthouse stands upon a once secret plateau (this tiny region was opened when an unknown adventurer solved a riddle upon the cliff wall in 966 GUE), looming in dark silhouette against the sky. Almost completely in ruins and infested with monsters (including giant slugs and spiders, dust bunnies, dornbeasts), crumbled steps lead up into its shadowy interior of sagging floors and ruined walls.

During the Great Monster Uprising, one of the many portals leading to the Bozbarland arena was installed within the village.

  1. Syovar the Strong was born in the 700s in a ramshackle little fishing hut on the outskirts of Grubbo-by-the-Sea.
  2. John Paul Flathead died in 789 GUE, during a vacation in Grubbo-by-the-Sea, when his old nemesis, the great white jellyfish, finally caught up with him.
  3. When the Coconut of Quendor was discovered in 966 GUE, Grubbo-by-the-Sea was the departure point of the vessel carrying the Coconut to its glorious destiny.

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