Abandoned Lighthouse

   Gar Banzo Whale (GMU)
   Ghost (GMU)
   Ghoul (GMU)
   Hellhound (GMU)
   Jackanape (GMU)
   Mermaid (GMU)
   Muscusoid (GMU)
   Pterodactyl (GMU)
   Skeleton (GMU)
   Slug, Giant (GMU)
   Toad, Giant (GMU)

Southwest of Accardi-by-the-Sea, a nameless brook meets the Tidal Flats of the Flathead Ocean. Blocked by tall and sheer cliff walls on its southwestern side, these brine-covered flats are the northern extension of the Discipline Beach. Though the breeze here is fresh and exhilirating, it carries a strong smell of the salty ocean.

At some point the Dice of Gnibel were eventually hidden here. A band of pirates, seeking the magical relic, crashed ashore (allegedly due to their own problems navigating the Tidal Flats, not through any interference from adventurers) before they could unbury them. The crew was captured by authorities, and sentenced to hang at the gallows. Upon the crew's death, they became thin, skeletal ghost pirates upon their very own phatasmal vessel that had crashed and was now barely sea worthy. Their ghost ship sailed along the Tidal Flats from time to time, appearing in a cloud of dark, green fog. The captain of the ship still sought vengeance. During the Great Monster Uprising these Dice were finally uncovered.

A trio of singing mermaids, which were sought by adventurers on the Tidal Flats during the Great Monster Uprising, were kind enough to translate sheets of music for adventurers. Several ghosts were also spotted haunting the vicinity during the same period.