A race of these giant toads live somewhere beyond the oceans of the world. Seafarers report that these toads are ugly, cantankerous, and eternally hungry. Big enough to swallow a man whole, some of these giant croaking menances have been found in the underground caverns of the Empire, following adventurers with their enormous mouths wide open. Its powerful hind legs are able to propel it forward in long leaps that make it able to quickly overtake any fleeing prey. Its long lashing tongue is able to wrap completely around an unfortunate adventurer (or two) and lift them delicately into its gaping mouth. Blessed adventurers who have managed to escape these giant predators have reported hearing an angry croak echoing in the caverns behind them for quite some time afterward.

Toad warts are coveted by enchanters for spell use. The list price for a dozen warts in 957 GUE was zm4.

The only specimen of these of these toads ever brought back to civilization was a pet of John Paul Flathead. This toad, named Otto, was not only ugly, but bright blue and as large as a small shack, and could speak fluently the tongues of men. In 883 GUE, Otto had the good fortune to eat the Four Fantastic Flies of Famathria, the objects of utmost culinary lust among his species.

Some historians also suspect that the stone statues of that once flanked the Flatheadia Courthouse were giant toads affected by a permanent wand of inanimation.

During the Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic, giant toads were reported in the following regions: Fenshire, Tidal Flats, Fields of FrotzenMiznia Marshlands, Miznia Jungle, Discipline Beach, Crab Island, and the G.U.E. Tech Training Grounds in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii.

IMAGE: Giant Toad (A1) / (A2)
IMAGE: Giant Toad satisfied after snack