Bedbug, Giant (GMU)
   Bloodworm (GMU)
   Crab, Giant (GMU)
   Crocodile, Giant (GMU)
   Cruel Puppet (GMU)
   Demon (GMU)
   Devil Doll (GMU)
   Dornbeast (GMU)
   Ghoul (GMU)
   Hangman (GMU)
   Hellhound (GMU)
   Horror (GMU)
   Monkey Grinder (GMU)
   Muscusoid (GMU)
   Rat-ant (GMU)
   Skeleton (GMU)
   Slug, Giant (GMU)
   Toad, Giant (GMU)

Located off the coast of Grubbo-by-the-Sea, Crab Island is said by some to be one of the rare by-products of natural selection. Given how incredibly tasty the crabs off the coast are, intensive crab fishing has lead certain giant crabs to band together and form their own semi-civilized colony on an off-shore island. Although their government and law is at a very basic level they have an amazingly advanced grasp of theater and basketweaving. These famous claw-woven baskets, greatly sought out by foreigners, are guarded obsessively by the natives.

Apart from this island, there is only one other place in all of Quendor (an annoynomous village) where seafood casserole is banned.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork