Unemployed hangmen wander the land looking for victims to lynch. Often found near trees with their noose already in position, they bash their adversaries senseless to make it easier to string them up.

During the Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic, hangmen were reported in the following regions: The Casino in Port FoozleThe Gray Mountains Asylum, Peltoid ValleyThe Coast Road in Greater BorpheeFields of FrotzenGurth Woodland TrialDiscipline Beach, Grubbo Hills, Crab Island, Kovalli DesertEgreth Castle, The Glass MazeThe Lonely MountainThe Old Lingolf House, Largoneth CastleThe Southern Wastes, and the G.U.E. Tech Training Grounds in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, design fragments)