Boot, Giant (GMU)
   Corbie, Giant (GMU)
   Cruel Puppet (GMU)
   Devil Doll (GMU)
   Dryads (GMU)
   Dust Bunny (GMU)
   Frobgoblin (GMU)
   Glutton (GMU)
   Hangman (GMU)
   Hopping Claw Monkey (GMU)
   Horror (GMU)
   Lucksucker (GMU)
   Nymph (GMU)
   Quelbees (GMU)
   Reaper Squirrel (GMU)
   Roc (GMU)
   Scarecrow (CMU)
   Spider, Giant (GMU)
   Yellow Grotch, Mutant (GMU)
The Casino is one of the oldest buildings in Port Foozle, although it has been renovated (and even rebuilt) many times. It has been suggested by some scholars that this hige, sprawling hive of evil, was actually there before the town, dating as far back as 1,000 BE, when the site may have been used as an ancient place of worship to the so-called gods of chance. Archaeologists have discovered what may well be prehistoric betting chips (or possibly fossilized cookies) on sites near the casino, and at least one “mummified deadbeat with broken fingers.”

The Casino was, and still is, known for many things. Foremost, it was known as a place where anyone, from the lowest of the low to princes in disguise and FrobozzCo business executives, could let their hair down, have a couple drinks and lose all their moneys in games of Double Fanucci, zoggletogs, of (if it was the proper night) a game of strip grue-fire-water.

Sometime bewteen 945~949, J. Lemmo headlined with his act - "Curse of the Forbidden Lands" - at the Bozbarland and Port Foozle Casinos.

During the Great Monster Uprising, this once-famous gambling spot was largely abandoned and overrun with monsters, which included the following: corbies, cruel puppetsdevil dolls, dust bunnies, frobgoblinsgiant spiders, gluttons, hangmen, hopping claw monkeys, horrorsmutant yellow grotches, quelbees, reaper squirrels, rebel nymphs, renegade boot patrols, rocs, and scarecrows (it was also rumored that lucksuckers dwelt within, but these were never seen). While the Casino always has had something of a reputation, it was not improved by the creatures which infested and was allowed to fall into disrepair--broken roulette wheels, scattered dice, unbridled hedonism, skeletons in bunny costumes, and a sign on the door which read, "Port Foozle Casino, now catering for groups (slight monster infestation an issue).

Despite this, there were numerous other places and casinos in Port Foozle where one could be conned out of their savings and still be left with a smile on their faces. However, some enterprising Port Foozle citizens still tried to sneak in and organize their regular poker tournaments with whatever lurking horrors were up for a game, including the G.U.E. Tech wizards who continued to hold gala wizard parties.

As early as 883 GUE, Fanucci players at the Port Foozle Casino have typically played with the Revised Miznian Rules, Seventh-Level Amendments, with the following exceptions: no side-handling after an underfunded discard, two draws after a Skybreaker, and an extra muttonation if the conditions of Rule 17.4.1.B are met.


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