Monkey Grinder (A1) / (A2)


Avoid this nightmare at any cost! Spawn of a carnival necromancer, the monkey grinder (also known as an Organ Grinder) can blast minds to jelly with its powerful Sense Organ. A single blast is enough to leave its victim a gibbering wreck with a shattered mind. These creatures seem to have powerful control over energy and space, allowing them to come and go as they please. Their arrival is heralded by a burst of hollow laughter and a faint, electrical tension in the air, followed by planes of energy; their patterns of intersection whirling around a vortex of laughter, growing in power and malevolence as the entire form of the monkey grinder suddenly appears. If one is strong enough to defeat it in combat, its body dissolves in a puff of steam, leaving its hurdy-gurdy behind.

Extremely arrogant, monkey grinders will not hesitate to destroy a lowly peasant with the help of its Sense Organ. Deceptively eloquent in both manner and speech, these loathsome creatures actually possess little intelligence, and suffer an illiteracy rate of 103% (which explains why many have to dictate their threatening messages coupled with crazed laughter). This stupidity is, in fact, their Achilles' Heel. By tricking the creature into thinking it is receiving a gift (they love surprises), one could actually give it a one-way portal to the Planes of TransInfinite Splendor, banishing it forever.

Monkey grinders especially despise nymphs, quickly snatching any they see out of the air and crushing the "miserable pests" in their fists.

During the Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic, monkey grinders were reported in the following regions: The Gray Mountains AsylumPheebor, Fields of Frotzen, Forest of Youth, Gurth Woodland TrialCrab IslandThe Glass Maze, BozbarlandThe Old Lingolf House, Largoneth Castle, and the G.U.E. Tech Training Grounds in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii.