the true form of a yipple? (though this one is rabid)

YIPPLE (Yippuls Undergroundus)

The yipple is a master of disguise, able to alter form to match its surroundings. For example, if near any physical object such as a spell scroll, they will shaftshift into an exact replica of the scroll to the point that it is unable to be discerned from the authentic. This can make spotting a dangerous rabid one all the more difficult for the unwary adventurer who has failed to notice that the nearby bush is twitching and foaming at what looks like the mouth.

Brains have been entirely overrated, as seen in the cases of these flightly creatures, which operate from a fearful sensitivity known only to the extremely intelligent, a cowardice that renders this creature nearly useless in an underground adventure. If disturbed in the wild, some yipples may bite. When placed on a plain white tablecloth, yipples become gray and purple and white and purple and black.

Despite the dangerous posed by a wild yipple, they make wonderful pets if domesticated. Although known for being very affectionate and easy to clean up after, they should never be allowed to rest in the cookie jar if guests are expected.

Although yipples are, as a rule, not very vicious, they are violently allergic to many kinds of animal wastes, which can cause them to go rabid and attack innocent adventurers who want nothing more than to take any gold that might be in the area. The Great Monster Uprising gave birth to hordes of these rabid beasts.

Yipple earwax is coveted by witches for use in various conjurations.

In 466 GUE, the entire city of Galepath was infested by a rebellion of yipples much larger and more powerful that those described in the Sorcerer packaging (a portion of whose text is reproduced above). This has become known as the Yipple Rebellion.

During the Great Monster Uprising of the Second Age of Magic, rabid yipples were reported in the following regions: Frigid River ValleyMirror LakeFields of Frotzen, Gurth Woodland TrialGrubbo HillsMithicus Mountains, The Lonely MountainThe Old Lingolf House, and the G.U.E. Tech Training Grounds in the Ethereal Plane of Atrii.