A small village on the northern coast
   of the Borphee River, c. 957~966 GUE

The Borphee River, formed by the joining of the rivers Phee and Bor, flows from near the ruins of Pheebor to the expansive Borphee River Delta, where it empties into the Great Sea near Borphee Harbor. Travel by ferry from anywhere in the Borphee River Valley is easy and inexpensive, helping to make Borphee probably the single most accessible vacation spot in the Empire. Being a wide and slow-running river, boat travel both down- and upstream are easily permissable. Many independent ferryboats operate from all shores of the river, including the providing of premiere access through the Razor Gorge to Accardi-by-the-Sea. The Borphee River Bridge crosses the river north of the city of Borphee.

Over a thousand years ago the Borphee River was called the One River, until in 396 GUE the outcome of a war between Borphee and Pheebor helped to give us the present name.

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