Established before the days of Entharion the Wise, Accardi-by-the-Sea is a tiny hamlet in the Southlands in the Land of Frobozz by the coast of the Great Sea, near Borphee Harbor. Accardi's most famous geographic feature is the nearby Razor Gorge, a deadly chasm carved by a branch of the Borphee River. The blue waters and sands make Accardi's beach the finest in the province. Accardi known for its fine ale and addictive cigars. The famous weapon shop, once owned by the Enchantress Y'Gael before the close of the Second Age of Magic, still stands near the bridge leading out of town, where lethal instruments of iron and steel crowd every inch of the tiny establishment.

During the reign of Entharion the Wise, Borphee was divided into the incomplete province of Mauldwood, in which Accardi was a part of until Pseudo-Duncanthrax reunited the torn land into the Greater Borphee province in the mid-seventh century. Because most enchanters prefer the quiet of a town such as Accardi over the hustle and bustle of a larger city, Accardi has become a center of the magic industry. The Accardi Guild of Enchanters, was the first and most famous of its kind, founded at the end of the seventh century following the Unnatural Acts (672 GUE). It was one of the most influential Guilds in the entire land, and has given rise to such famous magic-users as the Wizard of Frobozz and Belboz. Until the collapse of the First Age of Magic (966 GUE), the city grew crowded with autograph seekers and hopeful young apprentices; and the night streets were no longer a place to be alone, decayed with thieves and hooligans preying upon the luckless.

When the Guild Revolts of Accardi and Borphee erupted in 873, no troops were sent to quell the violence, as the forces of government in the east became increasingly concerned with the nursing health of king Idwit Oogle Flathead.

With the fall of the Great Underground Empire in 883 GUE, many of the unified city-states that had made up of Quendor re-emerged as independent powers. Throughout this time, Accardi and Borphee maintained close communication.

The terrible giant Amathradonis terrorized Accardi-by-the-Sea for many centuries. He was finally vanquished by Belboz the Necromancer in 952 GUE, when the enchanter used showy pyrotechnical magic to destroy the giant. As a reward the grateful townspeople gave him a beautiful woven wall hanging, which was a piece of local handiwork.