Irresistably cuddly, the minx shares all the most ingratiating characteristics of kittens, koala bears, and piglets. The only discernable word out of a minxes mouth is "Minx", which is undoubtedly the origin of the animal's name. Though having a single word vocabulary, the minx can be understood by the emotional emphasis placed upon the utterance. Minxes are highly prized for their ability to find and root out chocolate truffles from the ground, and will eagerly devour them if given the opportunity.

Minx tails are coveted by magicians for use in various conjurations.

It is well known that some peasant hunters near the southern end of the Mithicus Mountains kept minxes as pets in 966 GUE, although they did not always treat them as well as they deserved.

SOURCE(S): Beyond Zork (game, Legends and Lore of Quendor)