Canyon View, Cliffs walls above ground
   Rocky Ledge, halfway down west side of canyon
   Canyon Bottom with White Cliffs on right
   A slightly unreliable drawing of Cliffs and Falls

   Cliffhouse, The
   White Cliffs Beach, The


   Cyclops (GMU)
   Frobgoblin (GMU)
   Kobold (GMU)
   Ogre (GMU)
   Troll (GMU)


The White Cliffs are remarkable underground cliffs crowding both sides of the Frigid River downstream of the Flood Control Dam #3. These giant walls stretch from north to south, mainly along the eastern shore of the river, as it winds its way downstream. Most of the range is much too steep for climbing. Halfway between the Dam and Aragain Falls on the western shore of the Frigid River is the scenic White Cliffs Beach.

South of the Aragain Falls, the White Cliffs are seen by the light of day, where the eastern walls, looming much higher than the western cliffs, join the mighty ramparts of the Flathead Mountains. As the Frigid River curbed westward, flowing through the canyon formed by the cliffs, the tall walls gradually diminish in height and fade away altogether before the Frigid River Delta.

A certain cave among the White Cliffs was the spot of the death of the famous surfer, Dude Hobbleguzz. A shrine was erected from him within the cave where he perished, but later relocated elsewhere.