Northern River & Frozen River Terran Map  

The Frigid River of the Eastlands was named in homage of the first, which flows past Egreth Castle in the Westlands. This eastern river has the most severe and unpredictable currents and dangerous rapids known to man, and is without a doubt the mightiest river in the Great Underground Empire. It forms from the spill-off of the Lake of Tears after it pours over Flood Control Dam #3. The Frigid River then quickly curves southward, winds downstream through the White Cliffs (which seem to form giant walls stretching from north to south along the east shores) emerges from the underground, is joined by runoff from Fenshire, pours over Aragain Falls, curves slightly to the southwest where a south flowing river breaks off from the main flow to form the Frigid River Branch, marks the boundary between the Aragain and Desert River Provinces where it finally empties into the Great Sea after passing through the Frigid River Delta. The total length, from dam to river delta, is over 150 bloits. Although the origin of the Frigid River is Flood Control Dam #3, the source of the dam's reservoir is a stream flowing from a melting glacier that lies far underground.

At some point downstream from Flood Control Dam #3 and before the Frigid River emerges into daylight, the underground Frozen River branches off from the main flow in a southward direction.

The city of Gomer lies on the southeastern banks of the river near the delta. The Sacred River, which runs through the Sunless Grotto, has its origin in the Frigid River (most likely an underground section). The Frobozz Magic Brewery once produced Flathead Beer from the banks of this river.

Certain spans of the Frigid River are inhabited by many vicious flesh-eating fish.


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