Lake of Tears, 948 GUE

           reservoir (full) / (empty)
           stream from glacier (A) / (B)
           tentacled denizens in reservoir
           plants in reservoir


Lit by phosphorescent mosses growing on the ceiling of the cavern far above, the Lake of Tears (also know as the Reservoir of Tears) is the enormous underground reservoir formed by Flood Control Dam #3. The source of the lake's water is a western inlet which is the runoff of an ancient underground glacier. The Frigid River has its origin at the eastern end of the lake, after spilling over the mammoth dam.

Swimming or bathing in these waters is not recommended. Not only is the water freezing cold, but both it and the river are teeming with all sorts of carnivorous creatures, while sharp boulders lie hidden just beneath the water's surface. Huge slimy tentacled-monsters dwell within the reservoir; their diet includes adventurers -- lashing around, they drag prey underwater never to be seen again.


SOURCE(S): Zork I, Dungeon, Return to Zork(game, design documents)