Frozen River, south of Shanbar
& north of Creeping Bogs (1647 GUE)

   Frozen River Passes the Creeping Bogs

    Northern River & Frozen River Terran Map


At some point downstream from Flood Control Dam #3 and before the Frigid River emerges into daylight, an underground offshoot breaks off from the main flow. This branch, known as the Frozen River, is an almost indentical twin to the Frigid River Branch which flows above ground, mirroring each other as they flow through the Valley of the Sparrows. (The above ground flow is alternatively known as the Northern River, especially by the Valley population.) The Frozen River continues southward beneath the Valley of the Sparrows, flows between the subterranean Shanbar, temporarly is divided around an island (the eastern flow winds past the Creeping Bogs), is assisted by the outpour of Ferryman's Isle, and forms into treacherous rapids before ultimately spilling over the Cliffs of Depression into the Great Misty Sea.

The Frozen River did not escape the curse of Morphius in the mid-1600s GUE, when it was filled up with deadly piranhas.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork