The Frigid River Delta is where the Frigid River ends its long journey from Flood Control Dam #3, losing its speed and turns into a delta of meandering channels. It is a mazelike, swampy bayou where the river dumps its silt before its channels trickle into the mighty Flathead Ocean. While twisting paths appear to lead into the growth, most movement is restricted by unpassable tangle.

The entire swampland was owned in 883 GUE by a cartel of lily pad farmers in Borphee, who were indebted up to their ears to a conglomerate of Gurthian banks, of which Otto, the famous giant ugly toad, was the primay stockholder. Thus it could safely be said that in those days, Otto owned the swamp.

This delta was also the home for one of the Four Fantastic Flies of Famathria until 883 GUE.

SOURCE(S): Zork Zero