The Borphee Royal Palace, was the alternative Quendoran royal castle constructed in the city of Borphee sometime prior to 659 GUE. Zilbo III  spent much time in the Borphee Palace, perhaps vacationing, perhaps attending to affairs of state from a more centralized location. Both the authentic and Pseudo-Duncanthrax held court in Borphee during an interim period before the move to Egreth in 670, at which time the city was called the capital of Quendor. It was from this palace in 659 where Zilbo III resigned and the beginning of 660 where Duncanthrax's coronation was held.

A tall stone wall surrounded the grand structure and at night the grounds were well lit with lanterns and torches. Each of the several gates were shut tight and guarded. In the days of Pseudo-Duncanthrax, the lower levels were a tremendous dungeon, while the upper levels included a harem and throne room.

SOURCE(S): The Lost City of Zork