Temple of Agrippa Painting


The Brogmolithic Volcano Epozz was heralded by the eruption of countless numbers of volcanoes, spewing their smoke and gases high into a sky that was stained red by their effusions. While much of the human population struggled to survive during these times, huge ancient dragons feeding on unfamiliar vegetation were abundant. As the volcano activity calmed, new settlements began to resurface all over bringing about the start of the Zorkeolithic Epozz, of whose bounds we are still within today. While the creationists date this Epozz to c. 2439 BE (using the methods learned from the Phee Hourglass), the evolutionists randomly set the date to about 30,000 BE, additionally disbelieving the humans were present during these times.

The Brogmolithic Volcano Epozz follows the Frobozzolithic Lake Epozz and is immediately followed by the Zorkeolithic Epozz.

Some speculate that this era was named after an unknown event related to the Great Brogmoid.

SOURCE(S): Zork Nemesis, A History of Quendor