Joseph Campbell formulated a circular mythic pattern prior to the mid-tenth century GUE. He was able to relate this pattern to myths from all over the world, from every century and every culture.

  1. At first, the Hero gets a Call to Adventure, which may or may not be refused.
  2. The Hero usually finds supernatural aid in one form or another.
  3. Then the  Hero  crosses  the  first  threshold  and  begins  the succession of trials. Some heroes reveal themselves to be unworthy, and are killed or prevented from achieving their goals. These trials are more than merely tests to see if one is strong and fit enough to be a Hero. They function as a psychological exercise program that will change one’s outlook without even knowing it. These will make the Hero ready to pluck the fruit of victory.
  4. After that comes the mystical union with the Great Goddess. In a Hero's case, a special woman may represent the Goddess, may even be the Goddess herself in human form. There are many different ways that it can go.
  5. Then the Hero generally faces a new series of tests on his way back to the real world.

The Joseph Campbell Awards are celebrated annually in his honor for supernatural guides that have excelled in their aiding of these Heroes.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles