[this entry seeks to describe the Citadel as it was in 398 GUE]

At the center of Mareilon lay the Citadel, a strong, fortified structure from the days before Entharion and easily was the most strategically defensible place in the entire city. Outward in all directions lay the newer city government buildings. As the city grew away from the Citadel, and the need for such a fortress decreased with the foundation of the Kingdom, large portions of the Citadel were converted into historical museums. Each new city ruler, lacking any pressing problems, spent his time ordering the construction of new buildings in his honor. The city government was highly particular about who could gain entrance to the Citadel.

Forming the imposing border between the Citadel and the rest of Mareilon sat a hulking wall that extended far to the east and west and then curved northward, looping around to form a slightly curved rectangle of towering stone laced with fortified metal work. A deep, low-hanging arch made up the frame for the Citadel's gate itself. The walls were well guarded, not because of any real threat to the safety of those inside, but more out of a sense of tradition that stemmed from the days when the people of Mareilon had been slightly more independent and militaristic. Inside the walls stood rows and rows of government buildings and convulted streets, arranged in a confusing jumble of poor planning and tight space.

Everything remotely official and self-important had a branch office among the countless buildings scattered in the far reaches of the Citadel. Departments in charge of horse-drawn vehicles, subsections involved in licenses to sell wiskus products, printing houses ordered to create triplicate request forms for the City of Mareilon Dental Referral Service. The list of various government agencies functioning within the Citadel seemed nearly endless. Not even the Mareilon Postal Offices, protected safely within the womb of the towering walls, owned records that could begin to describe the location and function of every building here in the heart of the city. The newest structure was a small, flimsy-looking wooden structure, only just erected to deal with government relief of recent Mareilon zorkquake victims. Over to the right stood a more impressive structure, two stories in height, built of proud brick, with many sculpted balconies gracing the shaded windows. This was an annex of the Mareilon Historical Society. Farther beyond the annex and countless other building in the distance stood the Firestone Mansion, towering powerfully over every surrounding structure in the Citadel. A vast building, it stretched to the east and west for nearly half the length of the actual Citadel itself, and towered many stories into the sky, tapering into three intricately carved spires that gleamed in the noon-day sun.

The Citadel of Mareilon was raided by the forces of Zarfil during his rebellion in 398 GUE.

Along with the rest of the city, the Citadel was destroyed in the Endless Fire of 773 GUE.

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged, A History of Quendor, Enchanter