The Firestone Mansion, built in the reign of Prince Zarbonel of Mareilon (shortly after 396 BE), towered powerfully over every surrounding structure in the Citadel. A vast building, it stretched to the east and west for nearly half the length of the actual Citadel itself, and towered many stories into the sky, tapering into three intricately carved spires that gleamed in the noon-day sun. The entire building had been fashioned out of the highly rare and valuable rosewood, long before the blights had killed off the source trees that grew the precious material. Although a complete understanding of rosewood now lay buried under ages of forgotten knowledge, it was still believed that the strong, marble-like stone that made up the Mansion and other rare rosewood buildings was created in the final stages of the rosewood lifecycle.

Following the formation of Quendor and Mareilon's short rebellion (c. 0 GUE), the mayor governed the city from the official residence at the Firestone Manor. By the end of the fourth century, the Firestone mayoral building was completely unguarded. It was assumed that anyone that having gotten that far into the Citadel was on a completely legitimate errand.

Following the rebellion of Zarfil in 398, Ettelwhiff, who was once one of murdered Mayor Hegilburg’s closest confidents, was offered the Firestone Mansion. This building, along with the rest of Mareilon, was destroyed by the Endless Fire of 773 GUE.

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged