Ettelwhiff was one of Mayor Hegilburg’s closest confidents, despite that his living was made out of writing articles trashing the mayor. He was a regular at the Eagle's Claw Tavern in the Millucis district despite the fact that he made his residence in a mansion on the far side of the city of Mareilon, in a neighborhood far wealthier in the Millucis.

Ettelwhiff desired a revolution in Mareilon against the corrupt government, but without violence. Unfortunately the 398 GUE rebellion in Mareilon was bloody and destructive. He witnessed Zarfil's temporary overthrow firsthand, as riots broke out, buildings were torched, and men murdered. After the war had subsided, repair work began on Mareilon. Ettelwhiff was offered the Firestone Mansion.

In those days, Ettelwhiff was a frail-looking blonde man who frequently was seen smoking a large, intricately carved wooden pipe that would dangle inelegantly from his mouth. His favorite author was Farn Fzort. He had connections with both Melibar (who tried to convert him to brogmoidism) and Gezlin.

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged